IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Papers PDF

IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Papers PDF

IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Paper , IGNOU BEVAE 181 Guess Paper PDF IGNOU is very strict about checking of assignments submitted by students to IGNOU Study Centre. IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Paper ,Candidates have to work hard and write the best assignment solution before submitting it to the evaluation department. We have provided some solutions for just help to students but they have to take ideas from the given answer and make a new answer with their skills and knowledge. IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Paper  If you copied all answers then it is a possibility that your assignment will be rejected by the university or fewer marks will be awarded. IGNOU BEVAE 181 Solved Guess Paper, We advise you to make a solution of assignments by getting help from existing solved assignments and IGNOU Study Materials which are available online.

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is a national level university and It is the largest university in the world. Today we will tell you how to Download IGNOU BEVAE 181 Question Paper & Sample Paper English Medium Download PDF. IGNOU BEVAE 181 Previous Year Question Paper .

Sample Questions

1. In which of the following reports/books was 'Sustainable development' formally defined for the first time?

 (1) Silent Spring

(2) The Limits to growth

(3) Our Common Future

(4) Agenda 21

2.  Which one of the following is not one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN ?

 (1) No Poverty

(2) Zero Hunger

(3) Good Health and Well-being .

(4) Tourism and Travel

3. Which one of the following is an example of human modified environment ?

 (1) Artificial lakes

(2) Orchards

(3) Crop fields

(4) Dams

4. In which of the following do forests not play a significant role ?

 (1) Soil formation

(2) Water conservation

(3) Regeneration of carbon dioxide

(4) Moderation of climat

5. Which one of the following regions covers more than 50% plant species in the world?

 (1) Tropical Rain Forests

(2) Tropical Deciduous Forests

(3) Temperate Evergreen Forests

(4) Temperate Deciduous Forests

6. Crown fire mostly takes place in which of the following forests?

 (1) Dense forest

(2) Thorn Forest

(3) Savanna Forest

(4) Alpine Forest

7. Communities residing near waste disposal sites receiving less economic benefits than the communities generating the waste represents

 (1) Economic Inequity

(2) Social Inequity

(3) Procedral Inequity

(4) Geographical Inequity

8. Which one of the Following communities does not have a strong sense of stewardship?

 (1) Urban Community

(2) Tribal Community

(3) Traditional agricultural societies


9.  Which of the following views considers nature as a mother an that she cannot be tamed?

 (1) European view

(2) Indian view

(3) Sineatic view

(4) North American View

10. The water cycle is driven by

 (1) Global carbon cycle

(2) Sun

(3) Atmosphere

(4) Hydrogen

11. Chemosynthetic bacteria are

 (1) Phagotrophs

(2) Saprotrophs

(3) Autotrophs

(4) Heterotrophs

12. Life does not existbeyond ........... metres above sea level.

 (1) 6000

(2) 7000

(3) 8000

(4) 9000

13.  In an eosystsem, the decomposition of organisms takes place by

 (1) phagotrophs

(2) reducers

(3) primary consumers

(4) secondary consumers

14. The increase in population between 10,000 BC and about 1800 AD coincided with the

(1) growth in agriculture

(2) industrial revolution

(3) large scale immigration

(4) decrease in death rate

15. During the 14th century more than half the population of Europe and Asia was killed due to

(1) bubonic plague

(2) malaria

(3) the great fire

(4) the great earthquake



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