IGNOU MJM 029 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23

Free MJM 029 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23 for July 2022 and January 2023 Session, All IGNOU Assignments (Programme Wise) · Master's Degree Programmes · Bachelor's Degree Programmmes · P.G. Diplomaa Programmes · Diploma Programmes · Certificate Programmes. IGNOU Assignment 2022-203 (UPDATED) Get Here. IGNOU Assignment Status 2022-23, Marks, Grade Card, Practical Submission

M.J.M – 029


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NOTE: All questions are compulsory.

1. While promoting a social cause, how would you apply the core concepts of marketing? Discuss using the example of ‘Immunization drops for infants’. In this case, what is the product, who is the customer and what strategies would you use to market the idea?

2. Has there been a recent Corporate Crisis that you feel you would/could have handled better in terms of Public Relations and Management? Discuss it in detail. – what was the crisis situation, what did the company do, what strategy you would have designed and how would it have been better?

3. Here is a hypothetical situation: ‘Son of a famous film star is being launched in a new movie. A Press Conference has been called today on occasion of the Mahurat Shot’. Write a Press Release for the journalists attending the conference. What would you include in their Press Kit?

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4. Social Media influencers have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. Explain in detail, the ‘Influencer Marketing and its relevance in the current times.

5. A new shampoo is to be launched. Decide a Brand name for the shampoo. Prepare a strategic marketing plan for its launch, specifying the use of Advertising, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling and Public Relations.

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