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E.S.O – 12

Society in India IGNOU ESO 12 Solved Assignment 2023-24

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NOTE: All questions are compulsory.

Section I

Answer the following in about 500 words each.

Q1. Discuss the major characteristics of rural social structure.

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Rural social structure refers to the organization and composition of social relationships and institutions in rural areas. It is influenced by cultural, economic, historical, and geographical factors. The characteristics of rural social structure can vary widely from one region to another, but some common features are often found in rural societies. Here are the major characteristics of rural social structure:

Agrarian Economy: Rural areas are predominantly characterized by an agrarian economy, where agriculture is the primary occupation. Land ownership and cultivation play a central role in rural social structure, and land often serves as a symbol of social status and power.

Close-Knit Communities: Rural communities tend to be smaller and more closely knit than urban communities. People often know their neighbors well and have strong social bonds based on shared activities, values, and traditions.

Family-Centered: The family is the basic unit of rural society, and family ties are generally strong. Extended families are common, with several generations living under the same roof or in close proximity. Family members often work together in agricultural activities.

Caste and Social Stratification: Caste-based social hierarchies and stratification are prevalent in many rural areas of India. Caste often determines social status, occupation, and social interactions. Despite legal reforms and changing social norms, caste distinctions still influence rural life.

Traditional Gender Roles: Gender roles in rural areas are often more traditional compared to urban settings. Men are typically associated with agricultural labor and income generation, while women are responsible for domestic and caregiving activities.

Limited Access to Education and Healthcare: Rural areas often have limited access to quality education and healthcare facilities. This can perpetuate social inequalities and hinder social mobility.

Rural-Urban Divide: Rural social structure is distinct from urban social structure. Rural areas tend to have different values, lifestyles, and norms, often influenced by agriculture and a slower pace of life.

Oral Tradition: In many rural areas, information is passed down through oral tradition rather than written records. Elders and local leaders play a crucial role in transmitting knowledge, customs, and stories.

Religious and Cultural Traditions: Rural areas often maintain strong ties to traditional religious and cultural practices. Festivals, rituals, and ceremonies are essential elements of rural social life.

Limited Industrialization: Rural areas are typically less industrialized than urban areas. As a result, economic opportunities are often limited to agriculture and related activities. Industrialization can lead to changes in the social structure as people seek non-agricultural employment.

Collective Decision-Making: Village panchayats and traditional councils often play a role in collective decision-making in rural areas. Community members come together to address local issues, resolve disputes, and make decisions related to agriculture and infrastructure.

Interdependence: Rural communities rely on interdependence for their livelihoods. Cooperation among community members is crucial for tasks like planting and harvesting crops, tending to livestock, and managing water resources.

Limited Infrastructure: Rural areas may have limited access to modern infrastructure, including transportation, electricity, and communication facilities. This can affect the quality of life and economic opportunities in these areas.

Attachment to Land and Nature: Rural social structure often reflects a deep attachment to the land and a strong connection with nature. People's lives and identities are intertwined with the natural environment and the seasonal rhythms of agricultural cycles.

It's important to note that rural social structure is not monolithic, and there can be significant variations within and between rural communities, depending on factors such as region, cultural diversity, economic development, and government policies. Additionally, ongoing urbanization and modernization processes are reshaping rural social structures in many parts of the world, influencing social roles, norms, and values.

Q2. Describe with examples the different dimensions of ethnic relations in India.

Section II

Answer the following in about 250 words each.

Q3. What are the changes taking place in family in rural India?

Q4. Define the concept of urban and discuss the process of urbanization and its impact in rural areas.

Q5. What is the meaning of urbanism?

Q6. Distinguish between social change and social movements. Give an example.

Section III

Answer the following in about 100 words each.

Q7. What is ideology?

Q8. Discuss women’s socio political representation in Indian politics.

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