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I.B.O – 02

International Marketing Management IGNOU IBO 02 Solved Assignment 2023-24

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NOTE: All questions are compulsory.

Q1. An Indian automobile company decided to enter international markets. The company is ready to invest in marketing arrangements abroad, but not in production facilities. Suggest any two suitable modes of market entry, and explain their merits and limitations.

Cost-Effective: Exporting typically requires lower initial investment compared to establishing production facilities in foreign markets.

Quick Entry: It allows the company to enter international markets relatively quickly since it doesn't involve setting up manufacturing plants.

Risk Mitigation: Exporting allows the company to test international markets with minimal financial risk before committing to larger investments.

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Limited Control: The company may have limited control over distribution and marketing strategies in foreign markets, as it relies on intermediaries or distributors.

Trade Barriers: Exporting may subject the company to trade barriers, tariffs, and import regulations, affecting pricing and profitability.

Logistics Challenges: Managing logistics, transportation, and supply chain complexities can be challenging, especially for automotive products with specific requirements.

Low Investment: Licensing or franchising allows the company to expand its presence in international markets with minimal investment in physical infrastructure.

Local Expertise: Partnering with local licensees or franchisees provides access to their knowledge of the local market, consumer preferences, and distribution channels.

Rapid Expansion: This mode of entry facilitates rapid market expansion as local partners leverage their resources and networks for growth.

Quality Control: Maintaining consistent product quality and brand image across different regions can be challenging when relying on licensees or franchisees.

Dependency: The company becomes dependent on the performance and decisions of its licensees or franchisees, which may lead to issues if they fail to meet expectations.

Brand Dilution: There is a risk of brand dilution if the licensee or franchisee does not adhere to the company's standards and values, potentially harming the brand reputation.

By carefully considering the advantages and limitations of each mode of entry, the Indian automobile company can make an informed decision based on its resources, market objectives, and risk tolerance.

Q2. You are the marketing head in a consumer durable goods company, which has international operations. It is planning to launch a new brand of Mobile Phones. Suggest appropriate sales promotion tools for consumer promotion as well as business promotion.

Q3. Write short notes on the following:

a) Transfer pricing

b) FOB

c) Managing Publicity in International Markets.

d) Franchising as a tool for overseas market entry

Q4. Differentiate between the following:

a) Multinational Marketing and Global Marketing

b) Demographic Environment and Economic Environment.

c) Observation method and Survey method of data collection

d) Export merchant and Export House

Q5. Comment on the following statement:

a) “Product planning is one of the important fundamental decisions for successful international marketing”.

b) “It is advisable for a small exporter to do export business with the help of an overseas agent”.

c) “Selection of target markets is the first stage in international marketing”.

d) “International Marketing Planning is more difficult than domestic marketing planning”.

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