MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Solved Assignment 2022-23

MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Solved Assignment 2022-23

MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23, MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 , MEG 01 Assignment 2022 , FREE MEG 01 Assignment , IGNOU Assignments 2022-23- Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of this session for the year 2022-23. Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 They don’t need to go anywhere else when everything regarding the Assignments are available during this text only.

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MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23




(Based on Blocks (1 - 10)

Course Code: MEG-01

Assignment Code: MEG-01/TMA/2022-23

Max. Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions.

1. Explain any two of the excerpts of poems given below with reference to their context:
(i) But hail thou Goddes, sage and holy, Hail divinest Melancholy, Whose Saintly visage is too bright To hit the Sense of human sight; And therefore to our weaker view, Ore laid with black staid wisdoms hue.

But hail thou Goddes, sage and holy, Hail divinest Melancholy, Whose Saintly visage is too bright To hit the Sense of human sight; And therefore to our weaker view, Ore laid with black staid wisdoms hue. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 The speaker orders "vain deluding joys" to leave him. He then welcomes Melancholy as a goddess so bright that humans cannot see her. Instead, they perceive her as appareled in black, the hue of wisdom. She is the daughter of Saturn, a solitary god, and of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The speaker invites Melancholy to come forth and and bring with her as companions Peace, Quiet, Fast (fasting from food), Leisure, and Contemplation, a cherub. A nightingale's song to interrupt the silence would be welcome, for it would help in "smoothing the rugged brow of night" (line 58). MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 The sight of the moon crossing the sky "Like one that had been led astray / Through the heav'ns wide pathless way" (69-70) would also be welcome. 

A room with "glowing embers" (line 79) that cast a gloomy light would make a fine retreat for thoughtful musing. The only sound would be the chirp of a cricket or the bell of the town crier as he goes about his rounds. "Or let my lamp at midnight hour / Be seen in some high lonely tow'r" (lines 85-86), the speaker says. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 There, he would contemplate the constellation known as Ursa Major (commonly called the Bear or the Big Dipper) or consider the profound views of Plato. There he might also reflect on a great tragedy, such as that which befell Troy or that which was enacted on the stages of ancient Greece.

In the morning, "when the Sun begins to fling / His flaring beams" (lines 131-132), Melancholy would escort the speaker to "arched walks of twilight groves" (line 133) and hide him near a brook from the sun rays while the bee hums and the waters murmur. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 There, he would fall into a mysterious dream. Upon awaking, he would hear the sweet music of a spirit.

He asks Melancholy to let him walk the outer hallways of a cloistered convent with dim light coming through stained-glass windows. While an organ plays and a choir sings, he would "dissolve into ecstasies" (line 165) and have a vision of heaven. In old age, he would ask for a hermit's cell. He ends the poem with this petition:

Il Penseroso (The Serious Man) is a poem by John Milton, first found in the 1645/1646 quarto of verses The Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin, published by Humphrey Moseley. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 It was presented as a companion piece to L'Allegro, a vision of poetic mirth. The speaker of this reflective ode dispels "vain deluding Joys" from his mind in a ten-line prelude, before invoking "divinest Melancholy" to inspire his future verses.

(ii) My love is now awake out of her dreams (s), and her fayre eyes like stars that dimmed were With darksome cloud, now shew theyr goodly beams More bright then Hesperus his head doth rere.

Epithalamion is a tribute composed by Edmund Spenser as a blessing to his lady of the hour, Elizabeth Boyle, on their big day. The lyric travels through the couples' big day, from the lucky man's restless hours before first light to the late long periods of night after the husband and spouse have fulfilled their marriage. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Spenser is exceptionally deliberate in his delineation of time as it passes, both in the exact ordered sense and in the emotional feeling of time as felt by those holding up in expectation or dread. Likewise with most traditionally propelled works, this tribute starts with a conjuring to the Muses to support the husband to be; in any case, for this situation they are to assist him with arousing his lady of the hour, not make his idyllic work. At that point pursues a developing parade of figures who endeavor to rouse the lady of the hour from her bed. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 When the sun has risen, the lady of the hour at long last stirs and starts her parade to the wedding thicket. She goes to the "sanctuary" (the asylum of the congregation wherein she is to be officially hitched to the husband to be) and is marry, at that point a festival follows. Very quickly, the lucky man needs everybody to leave and the day to abbreviate with the goal that he may appreciate the ecstasy of his wedding night. When the night shows up, nonetheless, the lucky man turns his contemplations toward the result of their association, going to different divine beings that his new spouse's belly may be fruitful and give him various youngsters. In the convention of old style creators, the writer calls upon the dreams to motivate him. In contrast to numerous artists, who called upon a solitary dream, Spenser here calls upon every one of the dreams, proposing his subject requires the full scope of mythic motivation. 

Another traditional figure, Hymen, is conjured here, and not once and for all. On the off chance that the divine force of marriage is prepared, and the husband to be is prepared, at that point he anticipates that his lady of the hour should prepare herself also. The emphasis is on the sacredness of the big day- - this event itself should ask the lady of the hour to come praise it as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances. Here it is the wedding service, not the lady of the hour (or the lucky man) which figures out what is This festival of Christian marriage here turns out to be immovably dug in the traditional folklore of the Greeks with the bringing of the sprites. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Not any more agnostic picture can be found than these nature-spirits strewing the ground with different blossoms to make a way of magnificence from the lady of the hour's bedchamber to the wedding grove. Despite the fact that Spenser will later build up the Protestant marriage standards, he has decided to welcome the big day morning with the spirits of old agnosticism. Here Spenser further builds up the fairy bringing of Stanza 3. That he centers around the two gatherings' capacities to avert aggravations indicates that he predicted an opportunity of some setback going to the wedding. Regardless of whether this is ordinary "wedding day butterflies" or an all the more politicallyinspired worry over the issue of Irish uprisings is dubious, yet the wolves referenced would originate from the woodlands - a similar spot Irish opposition bunches use to conceal their developments and strike at the possessing English without risk of punishment.

MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Solved Assignment 2022-23

The legendary figures of Rosy Dawn, Tithones, and Phoebus are here summoned to proceed with the old style theme of the tribute. So far, it is unclear in content from an agnostic wedding-tune. That the lucky man must address his lady straightforwardly exhibits the two his anxiety and the insufficiency of depending on the dreams and fairies to bring forward the lady of the hour. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Darksome Cloud : There is a second dawn here as the "darksome cloud" is expelled from the lady of the hour's look and her eyes are permitted to sparkle in the entirety of their magnificence. The "girls of enjoyment" are the fairies, still asked to go to on the lady, yet here Spenser presents the embodiments of time in the hours that make up Day, Night, and the seasons. He will come back to this time theme later, however it is critical to take note of that here he sees time itself taking part as much in the wedding service as do the sprites and handmaids of Venus. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 The subject of light as both an indication of delight and a picture of innovative ability starts to be created here, as the lucky man tends to Phoebus. Spenser alludes again to his very own verse as a commendable offering to the divine force of verse and human expressions, which he accepts has earned him the support of having this one day have a place with himself instead of to the sun Spenser movements to this present reality members in the wedding service, the amusement and potential visitors. He portrays a commonplace (if extravagant) Elizabethan wedding total with components beholding back to old style times. The young men's melody "Hymen io Hymen, Hymen" can be followed back to Greece, with its conveyance by Gaius Valerius Catullus in the primary century B.C.  

(ii) All human things are subject to decay, And when Fate summons monarchs must obey. This Fleckonoe found, who, like Augustus, young Was called to Empire and had governed long;

(iv) Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer; Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike

2. Draw a ccomparison between the Epithalamion and the Prothalamion as wedding songs. Answer with suitable examples. 

3. Who were the Pre- Raphaelites and what were the characteristics of the movement? Critically appreciate any one poem of this age/movement. 

4. What attitude to Nature does Coleridge express in the Ode to Dejection? In what ways does this attitude differ from that of Wordsworth and from his own earlier attitude?

5. What was the Reformation? What relations can you identify and trace between the Renaissance and the Reformation.

6. Philip Larkin has been called an ‘uncommon poet of common man’. Would you agree? Explain with suitable examples.

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Those students who had successfully submitted their Assignments to their allocated study centres can now check their Assignment Status. Along with assignment status, they can also checkout their assignment marks & result. MEG 01 Solved Assignment 2022-23 All this is available in an online mode. After submitting the assignment, you can check you IGNOU Assignment Status only after 3-4 weeks. It might take 40 days to declare.

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