IGNOU MIP 105 Solved Assignment English Medium 2023-24

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M.I.P – 105

Copyright and Related Rights IGNOU MIP 105 Solved Assignment 2023-24

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NOTE: All questions are compulsory.

1. Discuss the evolution of the philosophy of modern patent system.

2. Discuss the criteria of patentability under the Indian Patents Act.

3. What is copyright infringement? Explain colorable imitation with example.

4. What powers of a civil court does the Controller of patents enjoy?

5. What are the TRIPS requirements regarding provision of criminal procedures for copyright infringement?

6. Write a note on jurisdiction of courts in relation to infringement of copyright.

7. What are the requirements for a valid copyright assignment? Explain.

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8. Write a detailed note on Author’s Special Rights with the help of case law.

9. The proprietor of a trademark keeps threatening another person in the trade with a suit for infringement of his trademark. Does the second person have another remedy available in the Act to stop the threats?

10. Discuss ‘anti-Competitive agreements’ and ‘abuse of dominant position’ in the context of the Competition Act, 2002. What can the Competition Commission do if it finds abuse of dominant position taking place?

11. Discuss the powers and functions of the Registrar of copyrights.

12. Which IP Acts does the office of the CGPDTM administer? Which offices supervise it?

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